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RMK Assault 155 Extreme Machine

Deep-snow sleds are some of the most highly modified snowmobiles on the planet, and the upgrades usually focus on two goals: reduced weight and more power. Of course traction, ergonomics, ...

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Tech 2016: Polaris Axys Pro-RMK

To get the inside scoop about the new raised Pro-RMK chassis, we sat down with three engineers from Polaris: Marty Sampson (snowmobile development and testing manager), Cody Telford (RMK development ...

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2016 Polaris Axys RMK Test Ride

2016 Axys RMK test ride

Polaris moving its Pro-RMK models to the Axys chassis might have been easily predictable, but it represents the next stage in mountain snowmobile technology from the brand that set the benchmark for deep ...

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