The 2007 Yamaha Phazer FX concept is the most radical-looking new machine to hit the snow since ever. It’s hot and cool and sexy and tough all in one.

The 2007 Yamaha Phazer FX styling goes beyond looks and straight to function. The narrow seat was the perfect stiffness and height to match the setup. It’s easy to make the sitting/standing transition, the handlebars are a great height and they have hooks. It’s also cool when you are standing to be able to see almost straight down in front of you. It feels a lot like a motocross bike: handguards, thin dirt bike seat and a rear single exhaust.

The styling does come with risks in terms of personal protection. We felt like we were getting pelted by a paintball gun when riding behind the Freestyle. There’s no way that handwarmers will be able to keep up the heat output, even with guards. The windshield is worthless. The gauge cluster looks cool and is easy to read, but we can also see it snap off after one roll. The machine weighs 487 pounds.

The ride was somewhere in the middle. The suspension package is geared toward the rough trail, but we found that the rear suspension rebounded too fast in the whoops sections. It uses the second-generation Pro Active suspension with aluminum HPG clickers. The front shocks are GYT-R piggyback dual clickers. Jumping presented another issue, as we had a hard time getting it to fly straight. Perhaps the prototype setup wasn’t dialed in.

The 2007 Yamaha Phazer FX uses the new Genesis 80FI, 498cc four-stroke engine, which makes 80 hp. The power was impressive and the sound was unique, but the vibration was uncontrollable. It got worse at higher throttle positions and on acceleration. Some drivers were quickly able to ignore the buzz, others noticed it the whole ride. We suspect that most younger drivers will ignore the vibration in favor of the cool factor. Older drivers probably won’t be as patient.

2007 Yamaha Phazer FX

Price = $7,199

Report Card
Ride = B, part bike, part ATV, part snowmobile

Handling = B, fair, but not an easy jumper

Engine = B-, serious vibration problems

Looks = A+, quite possibly the most radical-looking snowmobile ever

The exotic foreign exchange student who’s cool, but not always understandable

On its iPod:
An eclectic world mix including Icelandic pop princess Bjork and Indian pop stars Kailash Kher and D.J. Nasha

Bonus Features:
Handlebar hooks, hand guards

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  • Avatar for Michael Downey

    The Yamaha phaser 500 FX the front shocks are junk. The rear shocks are good. The rear pivot bar is junk I am on my fourth one two light of metal. I have reinforced my own. Bushings in the steering system are junk. Dark there’s no way to get it out. Bushings. Oil filter in the wrong spot. Unable to access without complete overhaul of plastics and then when you do remove the filter it drains oil all down in your motor and tub. Rear suspension is just too light for the sled it was designed for. Does not like the cold starts won’t start win cold.Anything below zero you’re dead in the water. The motor is badass. The overall design is excellent. I feel no vibrations in mind. I have an aftermarket muffler 12 more horse. Lighten it up by about 3 lb


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