2014 Arctic Cat XF 8000 Cross Tour

Arctic Cat Cross Tour models are designed for high-mile riders who might pack a bag and hit the trail for days at a time. Convenient features include a rear rack, large cargo bag, mirrors, electric start and protective mid-height windshield. The 160 hp 8000 Series engine is made by Suzuki, and it delivers performance and reliability for powerful on- and off-trail riding. The standard center grab strap atop the handlebar aids during off-trail, deep-snow maneuvers. Color options are orange or black.

PRICE: $13,199

ENGINE: 794cc, liquid-cooled, two-stroke, two cylinder


FRONT SUSPENSION: Arctic Race Suspension, Arctic Cat IFP shocks, 10 inches of travel

REAR SUSPENSION: FasTrack, Fox FLOAT 2 and Arctic Cat IFP shocks, 14.5 inches of travel

TRACK: 15x141x1.352, Cobra

UNIQUE FEATURE: The Speedrack-style rear rack allows for the easy addition of an accessory 2-up seat.

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