Lynx Snowmobiles, Coming To America For 2022

The rumors are finally true: After truly decades of innuendo and speculation that Lynx brand snowmobiles from Finland might just become available in North America some day, BRP officials announced today that three model of Ski-Doo’s sister brand will be available on this side of the big pond (the Atlantic Ocean) for model year 2022.

In a conference call with Lynx designers and product leaders this afternoon, we learned that the Lynx RAVE RE and two BoonDocker models are coming to America and will be available for spring-order through March 31 at Ski-Doo dealerships.

While they share the same 849cc E-TEC-fed Rotax engines, a version of the REV Gen4 chassis and even some front suspension geometry with their Ski-Doo siblings, the Lynx machines feature a completely different rear suspension, altered ergonomics and other changes. The Lynx officials stressed that their models are very specifically designed for the conditions that are experienced in Scandinavia – where trails exist but those trails are rough and rarely groomed. Therefore, the Lynx sleds’ appeal may be to the most hard-charging of North American riders – and of course collectors and others who just love having something different than everybody else!

Let’s take a closer look: (To see more about other 2022 Ski-Doos, click through to read about the new Mach Z or Summits.)


The Rave (pronounced Rah-VEE, not Rayv) RE ties most closely to Ski-Doo’s Renegade X-RS in that it is mostly a “trail” machine with a 137-inch track, but it is definitely made for even bigger bumps and more aggressive conditions that Ski-Doo’s most hard-charging trail sled, the Lynx officials said.

It starts with the PPS3 rear suspension — named after legendary Scandinavian racer and designer Pauli Piippola. It is an uncoupled design, with a horizontal, coil-over rear shock on a rear arm that isn’t connected in any way to the front-arm’s actions and reactions. Lynx officials said this allows it to swallow up particularly large moguls while also keeping the front end light to be able to wheelie over obstacles.

Lynx’s version of the REV Gen4 is called the Radien Platform, though it has more reinforcements and is said to be more rigid that Ski-Doo’s platform. Both Lynx and Ski-Doo officials said its ergonomics are made for more stand-up riding than a Ski-Doo.

The front suspension is called the LFS+, but it very closely mirrors what we know as the RAS X, with a 42.2-inch ski stance. Both the front and rear suspensions utilize particularly beefy KYB 46 shocks with a Kashima coating and external adjustment for high- and low-speed compression as well as rebound. That’s makes them notable bigger shocks than are found on an X-RS and more in line with what one might find on Ski-Doo’s 600 RS race sled.

Lynx BoonDocker DS

The two BoonDocker machines are focused on deep-snow riding, with a choice between a BoonDocker DS 3900 wearing a 154-inch track and sea-level calibrations and a BoonDocker DS 4100 spinning a 165-inch shoe and calibrated for higher elevations.

Both utilize the aforementioned Radian DS platform, with a 35.7-37.4-inch wide adjustable ski stance and a 16-inch wide track. In back you’ll find a short tunnel and a really odd looking real axle snow guard behind the track instead of a snow flap that directs snow spray to the heat exchanger.

Again, the Rotax 850 E-TEC is the powerplant of choice – with no turbocharger in sight. The PPS2 DS+ rear suspension features a very open design — key to keeping snow from building up within the skid frame, officials said.

While weight is always important with snowmobiles, Lynx officials said their design places a higher priority on durability, so these machines won’t be as light as the Summits, for instance. There’s also no side-to-side tilt like on an tMotion either.

How To Get One

We hope to learn more about the Lynx machines soon. Members of our staff have ridden Lynx machines in the past, but not this current generation. For now, Ski-Doo and Lynx officials said they would be available for spring-order only at any North American Ski-Doo dealership, and they’ll come at a price premium.

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