Deal On Used Sled Includes A Catch: Bring A Shovel!

In a problem that some of us snowmobilers wish would happen more often, a Newfoundland man is selling his snowmobile at a discount, with one caveat: It’s sunk deep in snow and the buyer will have to dig the sunken sled out himself or herself!

The snowmobile in the ad, posted on, is a 1990 Ski-Doo Tundra that is apparently stored in the seller’s yard. The problem — an enviable problem to some of us who had a less-than-ideal winter this year — is that they’ve had so much snow over there that the sled is buried up to its handlebar and windshield.

The asking price: $400 is you bring a shovel and unearth the utility-oriented sled yourself. Or, it’ll cost you $600 if the seller — listed as Collin — digs it out himself.

“Update: This is not a joke. The sled really is for sale,” the seller posted on Thursday, with a smiley face. Here’s a link to the ad. It’s an intriguing offer, for sure, even if you’re not normally inclined to buy a Tundra. The sled is in Appleton, Newfoundland, though, is it’s not going to be easy for most of us to reach.

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