Comparing The 2015 Yamaha SR Viper R-TX LE, SR Viper R-TX SE

2015 Yamaha SR Viper RTX LE
This special color scheme is only available during the Yamaha Spring Power Surge program.

Issues of Snow Goer magazine this fall will have complete, detailed reviews of the 2015 Yamaha snowmobiles, but for now we’re posting stories about exclusive, spring order models. Some people who want special models or unique features and benefits have to make their decisions now — before the Yamaha Power Surge program ends next month. With that in mind, this story points out the differences between the 2015 Yamaha SR Viper R-TX LE and the SR Viper R-TX SE.

The 2015 Yamaha SR Viper R-TX LE is a full-featured version of the SR Viper R-TX SE that will be available at dealers in the fall — LE versions are available only to people willing to order now. Suspension and track features of the LE are catered toward aggressive trail riders.

Special parts of the 2015 Yamaha SR Viper R-TX LE include Fox FLOAT Evol RC ski shocks that have an extra air reservoir and external adjustments. The reservoir increases total air volume, which is designed to make the shocks plusher and more comfortable while still being able to absorb big hits from moguls and rough chop. Two separate clicker adjustments control compression and rebound damping.

2015 Yamaha SR Viper RTX SE
The white-and-blue Yamaha SR Viper R-TX LE includes an aggressive track.

Out back on the SR Viper R-TX LE is the SR 129 Race rear suspension that’s equipped with adjustable shocks. Fox Zero Pro shocks have adjustable high- and low-speed compression damping, and rebound and preload settings can be fine-tuned, too. Orange-and-blue SR Viper R-TX LE machines will be fitted with the 15- by 129- by 1.25-inch RipSaw II track; those with the white-and-blue color scheme will have the aggressive Snowcross track with 1.7-inch lugs and hard rubber compound for more acceleration traction.

Shocks and colors set apart the SR Viper R-TX LE from the SR Viper R-TX SE, but a key shared element is the pair of new Deep-Keel Tuner skis. Keels on the dual-keel skis are 5mm deeper, and the keel profile is steeper — both employed to deliver more bite, especially in loose snow.

On our test ride with each machine, the Deep-Keel Tuner skis were great for how steadily they tracked on a groomed trail without hunting or darting in pursuit of other ski tracks in the snow. In our book, steering effort was good; we could feel some weight, which indicated a sure connection to the trail, but it wasn’t over-bearing.

2015 Yamaha SR Viper RTX
The carbide combination on Deep-Keel Tuner skis can be tuned for preferred handling performance.

Compared to the SE, we experienced more inside ski lift when navigating the LE through turns, possibly because air pressure in the LE’s shocks was set too high. This meant we had to let off/squeeze the throttle through long turns in order to reset the inside ski. As was highlighted above, SR Viper R-TX LE’s Fox FLOAT Evol RC front shocks are loaded with adjustments, and by tuning and learning their intricacies over the course of a season, we’re confident a driver could dial in the ride and get sharper, more predictable handling like the SR Viper R-TX SE had during that same test ride.

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2 thoughts on “Comparing The 2015 Yamaha SR Viper R-TX LE, SR Viper R-TX SE

  • Avatar for John Kennedy

    Unfortunately for those of us who ordered thinking we were getting a super special shock package with this machine, Yamaha/Cat decided to go with a cheaper stripped down shock package with single speed adjusters and lacking many of the features of the units photographed here.

  • Avatar for joe

    Yea, tell me about it. I went with the Viper RTX LE over the XRS 800 etec because the Viper had a better shock package and now it doesn’t. It really pisses me off,but with that being said the Viper is still a very very good trail sled but it would be that much better if they gave us what they claimed they were


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