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How To

How To Fix a Snowmobile Recoil Starter

Recoils look pretty simple hanging on the side of the engine, but don’t assume. The complexity of rewind starters is highly underestimated. Fortunately, their intricate parts can be tamed with ...

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How To Stud For Best Traction

Whether you ride at the pace of a cross-country racer or your speedometer’s needle rarely clicks past the 40 mph mark, every trail rider should consider adding studs to their ...

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How To Wash A Snowmobile

A principle of psychology says that the whole is equal to more than the sum of its parts. While this theory refers to the study of the human mind, it ...

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How To: Set-Up A Grass Drag Sled

By Jeff Oberg Perhaps the simplest form of snowmobile racing to get involved with is grass drags. There are many races across the Snowbelt every fall and most have classes  ...

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How To: Fix a Sunken Sled

It seemed so simple when you set out across that stretch of open water — your friends did it, how hard could it be? It didn’t seem like such a ...

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