Snowmobile 500-Mile Service

There’s no doubt that after two consecutive low-snow winters across some parts of the Snowbelt, there are some late-model snowmobiles with only a few hundred miles – or less – on the odometer. Those machines won’t need a whole lot of maintenance, but a few things should be checked during the pre-season.

500 mile snowmobile service
A pair of 2015 Arctic Cats that have lived through two consecutive low-snow winters.

Check the track tension (tracks stretch the most within the first 500 miles), belt condition (in case you burned a thin spot while loading it on a trailer) and make sure the chaincase oil is at the proper level (in case it sprung a leak). Check the coolant level and top it off if it’s low (some cooling systems purge air when they’re new). Use a set of wrenches to make sure fasteners in the front and rear suspensions haven’t loosened (check the engine mounts, too).

And finally, if your late-model sled has grease zerks, hit each of them with a grease gun to flush out moisture. By making these simple inspections and services, your new-ish snowmobile should remain a reliable, well-running machine this season and for years to come.

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