This segment was once the home of one of Yamaha’s final two-strokes. Gone is the Venture 600; in its place is the new Venture Lite four-stroke.

The Venture Lite is one of two new 2-Up machines for 2007. The RS Venture returns, but it now comes in a second version, the RS Venture GT. The main difference with the GT is an upgraded suspension.

The Lite takes its styling cues from the new Phazer and the FX chassis, but has increased wind and body protection with an ultra-tall windshield and deflectors at the driver’s knees. Unlike the other 2-Ups, it has a sturdy rear rack. It also uses the Phazer’s quick-release bodywork. It runs a 15- by 144- by 1-inch Camoplast Rip Saw track.

The Lite and standard Venture are positioned as 2-Up touring; the GT is called “luxury touring.” Yamaha anticipates the buyer as a 40- to 50-year-old who averages 1,570 miles annually. It has a premium suspension package and storage in the handlebar pad.

The three 2-Ups all have removable passenger seats, electric start, reverse, digital gauges, mirrors, an accessory outlet and driver/passenger grip warmers. The standard and GT uses the 15- by 144- by 1.25-inch Camoplast Rip Saw track.

Front Suspension: Independent Double Wishbone; Shocks/Travel: Hydraulic Gas Cell/9.5 inches; Rear Suspension: ProComfort 144; Shocks/Travel: Hydraulic Gas Cell/12.5 inches; Features: The rear suspension adjusts between one and two drivers. Yamaha compares it to the Pro Active suspension.

Genesis 80FI:

The Venture Lite uses the same two-cylinder, 498cc four-stroke found in the Phazer. It uses fuel injection with a five-valve head. The engine is die-cast with plated cylinders. It makes 80 hp.

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