Polaris cut its RMK lineup in half from 2006, simplifying its offering to three engines and three track sizes for 2007. Polaris gave the RMKs the nickname “Raw” and said it was going for a mod look with the styling.
The fan-cooled Trail RMK returns with minimal changes. Polaris pumped up the engine a bit and added the P-85/Team Industries LWT primary/secondary clutch combination. Other standard features on this sled are PERC push-button reverse, an EDGE RMK seat and a fixed-position steering post.
The liquid sleds share numerous features, starting with the new Gripper ski. This ski is wider and lighter than previous skis, with a new keel design and a special pattern on the ski top for boot traction. Ski stance is adjustable to 39, 40 or 41 inches.
Tunnel reinforcements double as the new cooling extrusions, which also melt away snow and ice buildup. This cooling system eliminates the radiator, which cuts 9 pounds off the machines. In all, Polaris said it was able to cut 25 pounds from the Raw machines.
For ergos, the steering post is fixed, the footrests moved back 2 inches, and the running boards are 1.5 inches wider. Other features include an under-seat toolbag, mount for a fuel can, a shovel/probe or a rack.
The most radical machine is the spring-only Dragon RMK. It separates itself from the 600 with its engine and upgraded shock package and 700 CFI engine.

Front Suspension: IQ RMK Adjustable; Shocks/Travel: Ryde FX/9 inches; Rear Suspension: RMK; Shocks/Travel: Ryde FX (front), Ryde AFX (rear)/14.5 to 15.5 inches; Features: Rear suspension travel is higher with the longer track. The skidframe uses a new rear axle setup, made to reduce sidehilling effort.

Polaris cut down on its track repertoire for 2007, offering just three variations. All are 15 inches wide. The Series 4 track has center-cut holes to reduce weight. The Series 5 has the center holes and larger window openings, as well as a larger pitch spacing to improve deep-snow traction.
• 136-inch, 1.25-inch-lug Shockwave (RMK Trail)
• 144-inch, 2-inch-lug Series 4 (RMK 144)
• 155-inch, 2.4-inch-lug Series 5 (RMK 155 and Dragon)

Liberty 600 HO:
This engine has a new cylinder head. It’s rated at 120 hp. Polaris said that it’s a popular engine to modify. Polaris has worked with Starting Line Products to develop aftermarket mods.

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