2007 Ski-Doo MX Z 550 Fan “X”

One can tell the 2007 Ski-Doo MX Z 550 Fan “X” by its strut. It’s a sled with proven performance, a proud chassis and an I-mean-business look. It’s a machine that quickly gains a driver’s confidence and wants to be challenged.

This machine is MX Z in every sense of look, feel and handling. It should be: it’s identical in most ways, including the chassis, the SC-4 rear suspension and the Pilot 5.7 skis. It’s a racy “X” in many more ways, such as a braided, stainless steel brake line, tunnel reinforcements and a riser block/hand guard setup. It’s missing the handlebar hooks, though, which are found on the liquid-cooled “X” machines.

The front and rear suspensions work in complete harmony. The machine got a major shock upgrade this year to HPG clicker take-apart shocks up front and HPG take-aparts in the rear. This combination, plus the suspension geometry, allows the rider to push this sled much harder than other entry-level machines.

Another plus on this sled is the track: it’s a Camoplast Rip Saw with a 1.25-inch lug, which, arguably, has the most traction of any track on the market, and an impressive find on a fan-cooled sled.

This sled is geared toward a more experienced, younger rider. It handles just as well as the higher-displacement MX Zs, only with less power. Remember, less power means lighter: this sled, at 435 pounds, is 44 pounds less than the Adrenaline or Blizzard. It drives light, too, so it’s easy to ride without getting tired.

It uses the same 553cc fan-cooled engine found in the Freestyle Park. The engine provides enough power to forget that it’s a fan-cooled model.

This is third-most expensive sled tested, but also one of the best performing. It’s a machine that won’t grow old after one season and it won’t look dated the day after it rolls off the line. It will satisfy a wide range of cash-poor, but demanding riders.

2007 Ski-Doo MX Z 550 Fan “X”

Price = $6,349

Report Card

Ride = A, fun and confidence-inspiring

Handling = A, smooth and responsive

Engine = B+, strong enough, but nothing


Looks = A-, it’s a hardcore look, but the bee looks dumb


The Jock. It’s confident and a little cocky.

On its iPod:


Jock Rock you’d hear between plays in any stadium across America by bands such as Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit

Bonus Features:

HPG clicker shocks up front, HPG take-aparts in the rear, Camoplast Rip Saw track

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