2007 Polaris SuperSport

We feel sorry for the 2007 Polaris SuperSport. It underwent “Extreme Makeover: Sled Edition” during the off-season, but came out with a botched job. It has some fancy-looking new cosmetic parts, but it’s all a compromise.

Polaris tried to perk up the tried-and-true machine with some enhancements, namely the Pro X2 seat. Our first thought was “excess inventory,” and after we rode it, it was our second thought, too. Sure, it looks cool, but its performance was so-so. Plus, the driver gives up any storage space in trade for the seat.

The SuperSport doesn’t have benefits of true mass centralization like other machines with tall seats, so while it helps bridge the gap between a seated and standing position, it’s still a sit-down sled. A sharp taper on the running boards makes it tough to stand on, too.
The high seat just feels, well, high. It puts a driver’s thighs directly into the wind flow. The handlebars are tall to match the seat, but they’d be even better with hooks on the ends.

In the looks department, the machine really tries to look mean. The skull graphic and Goth-like script tries to say, “I’m bad to the bone,” but does so with a 13-year-old boy’s cracking voice. The low windshield and handguards combination fit the look — and it’s for looks alone.

2007 Polaris SuperSport handling was a mixed bag. The front suspension performed really well. It stayed flat in corners, though there was some push from the skis. The EDGE rear suspension didn’t leave anyone happy. This skidframe usually works well, but this setup was harsh over just about any size bump – and that includes the small stuff. We’re not sure whether to blame the high, stiff seat, the shocks (Nitrex and Nitrex Select) or a bad setup. We just know it didn’t work. The sled weighs 460 pounds.

The saving grace on this machine is its engine. It’s a fan-cooled Polaris 550 twin engine that’s been around since before Gen Y was a small child — and it’s pretty much unaltered for 2007 save for NiCaSil-lined cylinders (for durability). We got it up to 80 mph, which impressed us. It makes 60 hp.

2007 Polaris SuperSport

Price = $5,299

Report Card
Ride = C, harsh rear suspension

Handling = B+, flat cornering

Engine = A-, top speed at 80 mph

Looks = B, tries hard to look tough

A poser. It’s trying to be the race sled that it’s not.

On its iPod:
Wannabes like Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli

Bonus Features:
Pro X2 seat, grips punched into
running boards

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