The BRP EXO 700 Helmet has a lightweight fiberglass/Kevlar shell. We liked the styling and features of the full-face helmet right away. Interior comfort was good once we put it on our heads, and we liked the drop-down sun shield — until it broke in several pieces while riding in extremely cold temps. We had a pre-production helmet that was due for some updates, and the solar shield was among them, so we’re optimistic it’s changed. We were also concerned with the helmet’s strap loosening while riding machines with poor wind protection — until we learned that the final version will utilize a quick-attach buckle instead of D-rings as we tested. For cleaning, replacing and maintaining vision, the Ski-Doo EXO has the easiest face shield removal of any helmet we’ve had. Finally, while there is a breath deflector in the helmet to direct exhales downward, away from the shield, we’ve had full-face helmets that fog less. This was a problem while riding on days when the temps were below zero degrees F. This manufacturer-branded, feature-packed helmet is both DOT and Shell approved.

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