Vintage Snowmobile Ad Tuesday: The Famous Scorpion Whip

Scorpion snowmobiles were already living on borrowed time when this ad was created for the 1980 Whip. The brand had been sold to longtime rival Arctic Enterprises in the spring of 1978. Within two years, the Scorpion facility in Crosby, Minnesota, would close and all remaining Scorpion snowmobiles would be built at the Thief River Falls, Minnesota, facility that built Arctic Cats.

Of course, that was a finite deal as well, as most longtime snowmobilers know that Arctic Enterprises went bankrupt in the summer of 1981.

There were just three Scorpion models in 1980 – the 440 Whip, the 440 Sting and the 340 or 440 TK, according to the website. This ad was for the Whip. On the heels of the Scorpion brand being celebrated at the Waconia Ride In last weekend, now seemed like a good time to look back at this ad.

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