The “unofficial start of winter” is just a month away, and we’ve got an extra-special reason for you to not only come to the Haydays event, but also visit the Snow Goer booth & display area while you’re there:
Snow Goer magazine and is partnering with the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby to celebrate 50 years of this sport’s most storied event with a big display at Haydays (September 8-9 near North Branch, Minnesota). The display will feature World Championship winning sleds from yesterday and today, photo displays celebrating the Derby’s important place in snowmobiling history, visits by top racers, trophy displays including the Snow Goer Cup and much more.
Last year, Nick Van Strydonk became the 49th World Champion at the Eagle River Snowmobile Derby.
This image, from the book "Of Ice & Engines" shows promotion for the Eagle River Snowmobile Derby in 1966. It's come a long way, baby.

Check back on for details over the next month. For now, here’s the press release issued this morning by the Eagle River Derby Track:

August 8, 2012
Eagle River Derby Track To Kick Off 50th Anniversary Party at Haydays!
Eagle River, WI—It just seems fitting that the Amsoil-Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby, the most historic and longest running snowmobile racing event on the planet, would kick off it’s 50th Anniversary celebration at the Hayday’s Grass Drag, which has long been regarded as the “official start of winter” for snowmobile racing.
Although the 50th “Big Go” at the Eagle River Derby Track won’t be until January 17-20th, 2013, the crew from the Derby Track will be setting up a display and promotional area in conjunction with the gang from Snow Goer Magazine and GS Media & Events.
“We are really fired up for the 50th Anniversary race here at the Derby Track, and have every intention of making the 50th the biggest and best snowmobile race of any kind this winter,” enthused  long time Derby Track spokesman Todd Achterberg.  “It will be great to partner  with our friends at Snow Goer Magazine this year at Haydays,  and we are going to have some very special race sleds on display,  along with some very cool people there at the booth throughout the weekend.  We’d like to invite all of our friends and oval racing fans to stop by and say hello, and get a glimpse of some of what’s in store for this coming January at the Derby Track.
“We feel the 50th Anniversary of the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby is truly a historic milestone in the sport, and are very excited to work with our title sponsor Amsoil, as well as our affiliate sponsors,  to make this an event that snowmobile racing fans, and the entire sport of snowmobiling, won’t ever forget.”
John Prusak, editor of Snow Goer Magazine and a 19 year veteran of the snowmobile media and publishing business, was also high on his praise for the 50th Anniversary Eagle River Race.
“The Eagle River World Championship is one of those ‘must see’ events for true snowmobilers,” Prusak said. “It’s an incredible show, with intense racing action in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods, where Snow Goer was founded way back in 1966. It’s always a big event, and with this year being the 50th Anniversary, we’re more excited than ever to award the Snow Goer Cup to the World Champion again this year.”
“We’re also looking forward to celebrating 50 years of the Derby – this sport’s historic event – as a part of the Snow Goer booth and display at Haydays this year,” Prusak said. “With historic photos, old articles and World Championship-winning sleds from yesterday and today and more, we’ll help raise the profile of not just the Derby but oval racing in general to the snowmobilers new and old at the fabulous ‘unofficial start of winter’ in September.”
For more information on the 50th Anniversary of the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby,  visit www.derbytrack.comSnow Goer Magazine is the longest running snowmobile magazines in the sport.  Find out more about the magazine and the Snow Goer Cup, at

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