2013 Yamaha Snowmobiles Features Return Of SRX

Yamaha will make a snowmobile for kids: the 2013 Yamaha SRX 120.

The Yamaha SRX Returns!
A third generation of Yamaha SRX snowmobile is being launched for 2013, and it’s for the next generation of snowmobilers. We’re talking about the new SRX 120, though the term “new” is subjective. Yamaha officials made no efforts to hide the fact that this is a re-badged Arctic Cat Sno Pro 120 — in fact, it’s even being built by Arctic Cat. The original Yamaha SRX was launched in 1976 and then again as a big triple-triple from 1998-2004.

Why would Cat make a 120 for a competitor? The key is the engine. Yamaha has been providing Arctic Cat with the 123cc four-stroke single for Arctic Cat’s tiniest Sno Pro for the past couple of years.

And why the SRX name? Yamaha Snowmobile Marketing Manager Wade West said it is a timeless and classic Yamaha badge that frees it from needing to look like any current Yamis.

The 2013 Yamaha SRX 120 features a dual A-arm front suspension with coil-over shocks and a 10- by 68- by 0.5-inch track wrapping around a torsion-spring slide rail rear suspension. A tether cord, safety flag, governed 8 mph top speed and mechanical brake keep things under control.

Yamaha likely won’t sell a ton of the little sleds,but the creation of the new model allows the company to start kids out riding blue — just like it does with its popular PW50 dirt bikes — and set the hook for future purchases.

Crossover Fever: 2013 Yamaha FX Nytro XTX 1.75
Yamaha announced the 2013 FX Nytro XTX 1.75 last month. According to officials from the four snowmobile factories, crossovers are the fastest growing segment in snowmobiling, though the buyers are really split into two groups. One segment is the traditional trail rider who spends 75 percent or more of his or her time on the trail but wants the ability to occasionally go off trail, go out West or run unplowed forest service roads or other non-beaten paths.

Yamaha will expand its touring snowmobile lineup with the 2013 RS Venture TF.

2013 Yamaha Touring Snowmobiles
Yamaha is doubling its presence in the touring segment for 2013. Joining the returning, premium-focused RS Venture GT and Venture Lite are the new RS Venture TF and Venture MP.

The TF model shares most features with the GT — meaning it comes in the Deltabox III chassis with electric power steering, the fuel-injected 1049cc four-stroke engine and a 2-up seat. It’s more off-trail and work-capable, however, thanks to a 151-inch RipSaw track that wraps around the articulated ProComfort CK151 rear suspension and wide utility touring skis on the dual A-arm front. A large rear rack, tow hitch and hard-top trunk complete the deal.

The Venture MP follows a similar pattern — mirroring some features of its stablemate, the Venture Lite (including the FX chassis, the 85 hp, fuel-injected four-stroke twin and angular look), but in this case it comes with a wider track, wide utility skis, a large front bumper, flotation plate and a tow hitch behind the big rear rack.

Tuner skis are designed to reduce darting on 2013 Yamaha FX Nytro models.

New Skis For 2013 Yamaha FX Nytros
Yamaha will install on its short- and mid-length Nytro models the new Tuner Dual-Keel ski that first appeared in the company’s accessory catalog last fall. With the ski, Yamaha officials are claiming less darting, reduced steering effort and better, more predictable handling.

The Tuner ski features two keels measuring .82 inch deep, with a 1.3-inch channel between them. Each keel has its own runner. In stock form, the skis will come with 2 inches of carbide on the inside keel, but no carbide in the host bar on the outside keel. The boards earn their “Tuner” moniker because other runners are available — up to a square bar with 6 inches of carbide for the inside keel.

The outside keel is designed to prevent darting and the inside keel is for steering. The 2013 Yamaha FX Nytro RTX gets the Tuner skis plus separate hand and thumb warmer controls in 2013.

The standard 2013 Yamaha FX Nytro will ride on HPG coil-over shocks up front instead of dual-clicker GYTRs, while the rear arm will also lose its clicker shock in favor of a base HPG that will be partially controlled by a thinner torsion spring. Those shocks combine to shave 3.5 pounds, and the spring is 2.1 pounds lighter than last year. Yamaha is putting the Camoplast RipSaw II track on the base model and utilizing a thinner, smaller windshield.

New-Graphics Committee
The power-steering equipped Apex, Apex SE, Apex XTX, RS Vector and RS Vector LTX plus the Phazer GT, RTX and MTX all return with only paint and graphics changes.  Look for a lot of white or silver in the graphics or A-arms of most of these models, versus a new blacked-out front end on the Nytro models.

The Nytro MTX 162 and 155 are mostly unchanged, but they do get a new mountain strap, a slightly lighter windshield and separate controls for the hand and thumb warmers.

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  • if it were any other brand nothing would be said about who makes the srx. did you know that suzuk makes most kawi bikes and quads. did you know that suzuk makes some arctic cat quads? It’s old remaining stock of parts that cant be sold so add another badge to it and go for the die hards. Snowgoer know the business side like they know racing. they’re just in it for free rides

  • Well Michael, while we appreciate your feedback (and that of others as well), your information is rather dated and not currently accurate, so we felt the need to clarify. The Suzuki-Kawasaki partnership you mention ended nearly 10 years ago, and the Suzuki-Arctic Cat ATV arrangement is nearly as dated. The last Cat ATV based on a Suzuki powerplant and design was the old DVX 400, now long gone. Cat does have an arrangement with KYMCO to build some of its low-displacement ATVs, and we have mentioned that often in our ATV publications. When you read the full-length version of this story in Snow Goer magazine, you’ll see that we even quote the Yamaha Snowmobile Product Manager as saying that, while an arrangement like this is out of the norm for snowmobiling, it is not as uncommon in other markets. The key when writing to snowmobile customers about current snowmobiles, however, is that this is rather unusual in this market — unusual enough that even Arctic Cat put out a press release late last week claiming the partnership last week. Yes, we do have a feel for the business side, but we’re not going to deny enjoying the rides either!!


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