Arctic Cat’s F-Series is in a new chassis for 2007. There are three versions of the F-Series: F-Standard, F-LXR and F-Sno Pro. Each version has engine options that bring the trail performance model count to 11.

All the models are built on the new Twin Spar chassis and identified easily in new styling. All of the sleds use the Arctic Cat Diamond Drive to move forward, as well as backward this year thanks to a new push-button reverse system. A standard package is just as it sounds, with performance suspensions and basic IFP gas shocks, rider forward design and centralized mass for improved handling.

The LXR package, built for performance touring, has the same shocks and calibration in the suspensions, but adds the Infinite Rider Positioning seat, handlebar and windshield adjustment package. There is also a large trunk in the rear.

The adjustable ergonomics are on the Sno Pro, too, minus the adjustable windshield. The Sno Pro comes with a shorter windscreen with a more aggressive look to match its rough-trail attitude.

All of the F-Series models have 15- by 128-inch Camoplast tracks with 1-inch lugs.



Front Suspension: AWS VII; Shocks/Travel: ACT IFP gas/9.5 inches; Rear Suspension: Slide Action; Shocks/Travel: ACT IFP gas/13.5; Features: The front suspension uses a boxed lower A-arm design and a forged spindle and shock tower for strength and rigidity. The Slide Action rear was race developed and helps to keep the skis on the ground and the front shock extended during acceleration.


800 EFI Laydown

This 794cc engine is new for 2007. This engine, which makes 145 hp, has 26 percent more torque and uses 11 percent less fuel than the 700 engine it replaces. A twin spark plug-head increases the spark energy for a more complete burn while producing efficient combustion at low- and mid-rpm ranges. The engine also has Arctic Power Valves, 3D ignition, 46mm throttle bodies and an engine knock sensor to prevent detonation.

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