Ski-Doo Expedition Sport V-800

The Expedition series offers the versatility of a sled made for touring, playing in powder or performing light-duty tasks.

The TUV is built on the Yeti platform, which comes from BRP’s Finnish brand, Lynx. The chassis has curved trailing arms for added clearance over buried obstacles and a 20- by 156- by 1.25-inch track.

Engine options are the new 800cc four-stroke or the 600 H.O. SDI. A handlebar mountain strap, trailer hitch and cargo rack are standard.

Two engines are also available with the Sport model, including a fan-cooled powerplant. This machine is based on the lightweight RF chassis that debuted last year with the Freestyle. Oversized plastic skis and a 2-Up seat are standard.

Front Suspension: RF; Shocks/Travel: Motion Control/6.3 inches; Rear Suspension: SC-136; Shocks/Travel: Motion Control (front), HPG (rear)/13 inches; Features: A no-frills suspension that’s economical and lightweight.

4-TEC V-800:
Rated at 65 hp, this 80-degree, twin-cylinder, four-stroke engine is fuel-injected.

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