Yamaha Apex snowmobile



Many folks looking for a performance feel and a high quality package in a snowmobile are drawn to the Apex from Yamaha. The 998cc four-cylinder four-stroke engine enters its 11th year in the sport and has a long line of satisfied customers. Found in the DeltaBox II chassis, the Apex has somewhat traditional ergonomics that encourage riders to sit down behind the mid-height windshield, lock into the tight footwells and pile on miles by the hundred. For 2014, dual runner Tuner skis give the Apex less darting and more confident handling than the skis they replace. Standard features include electric start, reverse, electric power steering, hooked handlebars and dual DC outlets. It’s rear-exiting exhuast offers a unique sound.


PRICE: $14,099

ENGINE: 998cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, four cylinder


FRONT SUSPENSION: Independent Double Wishbone, 40mm aluminum HPG shocks, 8.5 inches of travel

REAR SUSPENSION: Mono Shock II RA 128, 46mm KYB HPG w/ remote adjust shock, 11.6 inches of travel

TRACK: 15x128x1.25-inch RipSaw

UNIQUE FEATURE: Standard electric power steering, EXUP variable exhaust system and new-for-2014 Tuner skis make this a high tech buggy.

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