First on-trail: 2010 snowmobile Tests

The 2010 snowmobiles are a diverse group that’s ready for the snowmobiling world. After being carefully guided and sculpted, the students are being marched out in front of their proud parents — in this case, the engineers, designers, marketers and sales reps from the Big Four snowmobile manufacturers — to be released into the real world.

Like any class there’s a lot of variety. From the tough working class (Ski-Doo’s new Tundra) to the high-tech crowd (Polaris’ Rush), the pretty faces (Yamaha’s renewed RS Vector GT) to the athletic types (Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500), there’s a lot to like here.

Now the big question: Once they hit the snow in production mode, will this graduating class be the leaders of tomorrow, or just a bunch of underachieving slackers? After extensive testing last spring, we are confidently predicting the former. But only time will tell.

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