HaberVision Prima Snowmobile Goggles

One of the unsolicited things that landed on my desk last winter is a great pair of polarized goggles by HaberVision.

While tinting and lens coatings can reduce glare for less eye strain and good visibility, polarized lenses eliminate glare. I’ve worn other polarized goggles recently, so I knew the lenses would be great for snowmobiling. The Primas looked cool with a black frame and blue, mirrored finish. Though slightly oversized to fit over prescription glasses, they fit perfectly into the opening of the three motocross helmets I wore last winter.

I was able to wear this pair of goggles for every daylight condition. For flat or low light conditions I saw better definition and contrast on the terrain than other goggles in my arsenal. In good light, I had outstanding clarity and no reflection or distortion.

The Prima goggles were also the most comfortable goggles I’ve worn. The flexible frame fit my face well and the foam filter blocked snow dust and helped them stay fog-free. A thin, almost fleece-like felt covers the supple foam that mated to my face.

After using them the whole season, the glue tape that secures the foam to the frame failed on about 50 percent of the frame’s surface. These goggles would also be more compatible with a helmet if it had a rubber or silicone bead on the strap to help it stay in place.

The premium HaberVision Primas retail for $130. It’s worth it for the excellent visibility, comfort and eyestrain reduction. However, a check to the company’s website revealed a checkout price of $65. At half price, they’re an absolute bargain.

Comfort 2/2

Clarity 1.8/2

Value 2/2

Appearance 2/2

Quality 1.4/2

Total 9.2/10


Golden, Colo.



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