Snowmobile Show Season Starts Now!

It’s Show-Time!!

        That’s right, the fall snowmobile show season kicks off this coming weekend with the Big East Snowmobile Show in Syracuse, New York (click on show title to get details).

Soon the crowd will gather for the Big East Snowmobile Show

     Right now, the OnCenter in Syracuse is pretty much an empty shell. But, within the next 48 hours it will be turned into a carnival of all things snowmobiling – new machines from all four major manufacturers, hot aftermarket and OEM clothing at discount prices, interesting touring destinations, hard parts, performance shops displays, dealer displays, oil companies, trailering products, a place to buy the best darned magazine in the snowmobile market… the list goes on and on.

       Add in available beer and food at the concession stands and the chance to hang out with other snowmobilers, and you’ve got yourself a fine way to spend part of your weekend. The show is Friday, Oct. 1 – Sunday, October 3. I’ll be there – will you?

       Syracuse is only the start, however. Our company is also associated with the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Show in Denver, Colorado (Oct. 9-10), and on that same weekend is the Michigan Snowmobile Association’s Outdoor Recreation Show in Hastings, Michigan.

       Leisure Features’ excellent Snowmobile USA Shows are right around the corner, with dates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Oct. 15-17), Novi, Michigan (Nov. 5-7) and Green Bay, Wisconsin (Nov. 12-13).

       The New England Powersports Expo is coming on October 16-17 in West Springfield, Massachusetts, and that happens to be the same weekend at the Washington Snowmobile Expo and Swap Meet on the other side of the county – in Payallup, Washington, and the Toronto International Snowmobile Show up in Ontario. Pennsylvanians wanting to spend their Halloween weekend looking at sleds rather than visiting Spookyworld have their chance at Powersports Show Oct. 29-31 in Lebanon, Pensylvania.  The Intermountain Snowmobile Show is in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Oct. 22-23, while the related Idaho Snowmobile Show rolls into Boise on Nov. 19-20.

Quick -- go spend some money! There are new sleds and gear to buy, and that money is just weighing you down!

       And, of course, whenever you make a list, there are others that you leave out. If your local snowmobile show isn’t listed, respond to this post below and add it yourself!  

       For vendors like us, this time of year is a mixed bag – lots of travel, lots of long days in exhibit halls, lots of late nights and bad food. Then again, we get to hang out with many fellow snowmobilers rather than just stare at each other all week, so the shows are also a lot of fun.

       Make them more fun by stopping by and introducing yourself at a show sometime!

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  • Avatar for Bert Baierl

    Why no snowmobile show in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area anymore? I think there are a few riders around here that are wondering why!!


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