Ski-Doo Launches Late-Release 2018 Expedition SWT Crossover

2018 Ski-Doo Expedition SWT
The 2018 Ski-Doo Expedition SWT. Click to enlarge.

Aiming to set a new benchmark in the utility/touring crossover market, Ski-Doo on January 10 unveiled a late-release 2018 snowmobile with a mega-wide track and impressive capabilities mated with a list of comfort features.

The 2018 Ski-Doo Expedition SWT borrows the super-wide, 24- by 156- by 1.25-inch track from its ultimate workhouse brother – the Skandic SWT – but unlike the Skandic it features a dual A-arm front suspension and an adjustable ski stance to make it handle better when zooming down a more beaten path.

It’s not logical to think that this machine is a direct response to Polaris’ impressive Titan line – the development cycle of new machines is measured in years, not months – but it is eyebrow-raising that Ski-Doo upped its game in the utility crossover market that it has long dominated a mere 10 months after Polaris fired the Titan salvo.

Ski-Doo the same day unveiled a late-release MXZ 600R E-TEC in the REV Gen4 chassis. To read about it, click here

2018 Ski-Doo Expedition SWT
The 2018 Ski-Doo Expedition SWT. Click to enlarge.

A Closer Look

The Expedition SWT is the combination of two known quantities for those in the utility/touring crossover market. It starts with the REV-XU chassis that is the basis of most Expedition and Skandic models. It features a high-mounted steel handlebar with a hoop in the center, tall windshield with mirrors on its outer edge and a 2-up seat, with the passenger seat and its backrest mounted lower than what’s found on a Grand Touring model, for example.

A rear storage rack and hitch come as standard equipment.The super-wide track wraps around the SC-5U rear suspension, which features an articulating section at the rear – standard fare for modern utility machines. It’s got a KYB high-pressure gas shock on the rear arm; Motion Control gas cell should are found on the front arm and above the skis.

Motivation comes from the Rotax 900 ACE four-stroke twin, which produces about 90 hp in a smooth and efficient manner. Plus, like other ACE-equipped machines, it comes with iTC engine mapping (letting the drive select between the standard, sport or ECO modes) and a light pull on the reversible throttle. In this setting, the 900 ACE gets extra cooling capacity so the machine can be worked and/or used in low-snow conditions.

With that engine package combined with the high/low/neutral/reverse Synchromesh transmission and the stout chassis, the Expedition SWT has a rated towing capacity of 1,124 pounds – that’s a lot of tools, fire wood, equipment, fuel and other supplies that can be moved to the work site, remote cabin or other destination in a pull-behind sled.

Expedition SWT models are on trucks headed for select dealerships as this story is being written. 

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2 thoughts on “Ski-Doo Launches Late-Release 2018 Expedition SWT Crossover

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  • Avatar for Cody Ledoux

    Why doesn’t Skidoo offer their new 150 hp engine in the Scandic or Expedition SWT? Some people like myself live remotely and our sleds are our primary vehicles and the winter is when we can haul all of our supplies and building materials into the Bush. I also think that skidoo needs to add a super low range like the one on the Bearcat trail groomer package.

    When you spend this much on a work machine it should be built like a tank and geared to pull a couple thousand pounds and top out at less than 10mph because when you’re towing serious weight you shouldn’t be going that fast anyways.

    Also does anyone know if the Expedition SWT has a taller windshield than the regular Expeditions?? That’s the biggest design fall of my ’16 expedition sport 550f trapping sled.

    I have to ride standing up in extreme cold because otherwise its blasting you right in the face with air, it’d be warmer without a windshield!!

    Great sled otherwise, cant wait to try out the expedition SWT!!


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