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Top 10 2013 Snowmobiles

$12,599 There’s a new class of extreme crossovers sled, aimed at the 50-percent-or-more off-trail riders. And the best one is the ProClimb XF 800 High Country. It has incredible off-trail prowess. It’s not as narrow or long as modern mountain sleds, but with its 15- by 144- by 2.25-inch track being pushed by big 800-class power, it can go virtually anywhere a mountain sled can get to, without being cumbersome on the trails.

The cutting-edge Polaris 800 Pro-RMK 155 took top honors this year. But take a look at 10 more standouts from the 2013 snowmobile lineup.

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Polaris 600 Rush Pro-R

One word comes to mind when evaluating the 600 Rush Pro-R from Polaris: Responsive. Every input that is sent into the sled is felt, for good or ill. A touch ...

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