Our 4-place Sno Pro trailer is popular among our staff. In addition to hauling sleds, it’s been used to haul a load of motorcycles from Minnesota to Ohio and to help a few people move from one residence to another. The bozos down the hall from us even used it to haul some of their ATVs, too, for sister ATV and ATV Sport magazines.

Most enclosed trailers have that same versatility, but the Sno Pro’s lightweight construction makes it our favorite. With a curb weight of just 2,180 pounds, it can be loaded to its 6,000-pound gross vehicle capacity and still be towed by a half-ton truck or full-size SUV without exceeding the truck’s limits.

The all-aluminum chassis makes it light. Sno Pro uses unique extrusions to strengthen the aluminum frame rails without increasing weight. The trailer’s sidewalls are rivet-less aluminum, giving it a smooth, sleek appearance. Inside, the trailer is decked with durable, five-eighths-inch flooring that resists moisture and damage from studs and carbides.

Easy To Load, Easy To Tow

Dimensions are favorable for on-road stability. Its 7-foot width allows full rearward visibility. The load height is low at 21 inches, riding between the wheels rather than above them, which keeps more of the trailer out of the wind for less strain on the tow rig. Not including the V-nose, there is 22 feet of deck space to load four sleds in a staggered formation. Overall length is just under 29 feet with a fender-to-fender width of 102 inches.

The trailer mates to a 2-inch ball and has a standard 7-way round electrical connection. Electric brakes on both of the 3,500-pound axles slow our optional 15- by 6-inch alloy wheels and P205/70R15 radial tires. Both axles also have torsion-bar suspension. Once at our destination, we found our cargo inside the trailer arrived the same as it looked after loading it. If we knew our route would include rough roads, we tied the sleds’ rear bumpers to the adjustable, in-floor hooks.

The rear axle failed in February and was replaced under warranty, followed by the same problem and repair for the front axle this summer. Sno Pro said the problem has since been remedied by reverting to Dexter axles.

Convenient Accessories

In addition to two large cabinets and a roof vent, it has a window for ventilation and an ambient light source, a wall-mounted spare tire and wheel and full interior lighting. LED lights brighten the trailer’s exterior.

Sno Pro customizes its trailers with an impressive list of available options. Fuel doors add convenience to fill a sled and the exterior diamond-plate adds durability but it requires elbow grease and a good metal polish to maintain the trailer’s handsome, factory shine. The options on ours brought the price to $16,700 (from a base less than $10,000) and added weight that reduced our trailer’s cargo capacity a bit, but there is still plenty of available capacity in the ratings to haul four sleds, tools, spare parts and other gear.

Sno Pro adds custom heights to its trailers in 6-inch intervals, and ours has an interior height of 82 inches, a spec we wanted so we could load side-by-side UTVs on board. Empty or loaded, it tows confidently. It also looks attractive and formidable going down the roadway. It pulls as stable at 75 mph as it does at 50 mph.

— Tim Erickson

Appearance: 2/2

Utility: 2/2

Build quality: 2/2

Durability: 1.6/2

Price: 1.7/2

Total: 9.3/10


Sno Pro Trailers

Winslow, Maine



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