Introducing The Bobsla: Go-Kart For The Snow?


If you’re like us — and we know many of you are! — anything that moves and takes some finesse to drive intrigues you on a certain level. If it burns gas (and possibly oil along with it) that’s a bonus, but even things like electric go-karts can be quite appealing.

Which brings us to this: The Bobsla!

It looks like the lovechild of a snowmobile (and mostly an old-school, twin-track, cockpit-style snowmobile like a Manta/Raider/Trail Roamer) and an electric go-kart. And it looks like fun!

No, we are not in any way envisioning this replacing our snowmobiles — for one thing, the seating position looks like it would be murder on the spine and lower back if you encountered moguls! — but would we like to take one of these suckers for a spin? YOU BET! And if we could take that spin while five or six other friends are on the same twisting, closed course, with the possibility of trading paint? Even better?

The Austrian-built Bobsla is not fast (with a top speed of about 19 mph), but with the driver so close to the ground it probably feels quicker than it is. While not encased in a full cockpit like one of Bob Bracey’s multiple inventions (may he rest in peace), the driver is somewhat encased — which is good, because those whirring tracks are rather exposed. Curious why the front doesn’t include skis, but steering it skid steer style seems like it would be fun to try.

We don’t expect to open our wallet to buy one, but if some showed up at a local ski hill? Sure, let’s go Bobsla-ing sometime! Check out the video below.

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