Snow Goer Snowmobile Club Section Seeks New Submissions

An Ogemaw Hills grooming volunteer grooming during the season.

One year ago, Snow Goer sought submissions to debut a new feature series appropriately dubbed “Snowmobile Club Spotlight.”

Snowmobile clubs are important because they not only help promote the sport through community events and youth training, but most clubs also help secure landowner permission for trails to run on, clear trail pathways, groom, install bridges for connections and maintain adequate signage.

The single-page feature section appeared monthly in issues to focus on the valuable work, and often-times fun, that comes along with being a member of a snowmobile club. From Montana to Maine, the section engaged readers near and far about why members love being a part of a local snowmobile club. In addition to the monthly feature, Snow Goer also offered extra exposure to selected clubs by featuring them online

Do you have a club that you love? If you belong to a snowmobile club that is fun, innovating and interesting – we’d love to hear about it!

To be considered for a Snow Goer feature story, complete a brief Snowmobile Club Survey where you’ll be asked a few questions about what makes your club unique, fun, interesting, or anything else that comes to mind. It only takes five to ten minutes, and it’s all of you. We read every submission, so be sure and tell us all about your club and why it should be featured this coming year, then check to see if yours made the cut!

The next time you’re out for a ride, you’ll know a little more about who may have helped provide the good time! Enter your local club today.

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