HMK Voyager boots are comfortable and lightweight.

Having the right snowmobile boots strapped to the feet can affect how well a day goes on the trail. Besides feeling comfortable against my feet, having a warm, waterproof boot plays a big part in my own happiness during a ride. I learned last winter that HMK covers the bases for me with its new Voyager boot.

The weight and size of the Voyager are the biggest positives over the snowboard-style HMK boots I’ve worn for 10 years. The Voyagers were a better fit for my wide, flat feet and they formed to my feet after only a couple rides.

Their lightweight design feels less clunky than the clodhoppers I used to wear. The SympaTex waterproof/ breathable membrane helped keep my feet dry after a day of snowmobiling or other activities, like ice fishing or running after my son on his Kitty Cat.

My old boots rubbed the back of my legs raw if I walked too far and didn’t fit very well in most footwells, but the Voyager’s cuff design relieved pressure against the leg and they slipped into every footwell I met last winter, allowing me to stretch my legs and lock into the toe holds.
Durability was good, too. Other than a little wear on top caused by footwells, they’ve maintained form and still look good. Voyager boots lace about mid-way up the calf, so they offer good support. The $179.95 boots are available for men and women.

Hood River, Oregon

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