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Top 10 Snowmobiles For 2010

Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500 $8,299 What started as a dominating race sled has become a real-world supersled for aggressive snowmobilers. Suspension and handling are the Sno Pro 500’s most ...

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Tomorrow’s Sled Innovations Today

Whether its cars, mountain bikes, wheelchairs or snowmobiles, racing drives innovation. Cross-country and snocross racetracks are where the Big Four sled manufacturers research and develop their innovations that might be ...

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EPA Hangtag Explained

When you buy a new snowmobile, you’ll find two items on the sled that refer to emission standards. There is an exhaust emissions engine label often on the tunnel or ...

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Redline Revival

Looking through the remaining parts inventory, molds and half-finished prototypes, Bob Hueppchen of Plymouth, Wisconsin, can see where the Redline snowmobile company went astray before its bankruptcy in 2004. He’s ...

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New Speed Limits In Wisconsin

The laws, signed in late March, are geared toward safety and trail access. The state, known for its “reasonable and prudent” approach to speed limits, will now enforce a 55 ...

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