Snowmobile clubs come in many shapes, sizes, flavors and colors.

Some snowmobile clubs have thousands of members; others merely have a couple dozen. Some snowmobile clubs manage hundreds of miles of trails; others have a small network or don’t manage any at all.  Some clubs – often referred to as “working clubs” – focus almost exclusively on the work at hand of putting in and maintaining trails or land access; other clubs – often referred to as “social clubs” – exist primarily to get folks together to ride. Some clubs have been around since the late 1960s; others have been formed recently. 

There are snowmobile clubs in the farthest stretches of the Snowbelt – from the wilds of Alaska, across Canada, all over the Northeast, deep into the Upper Midwest, throughout the western mountain states and well beyond.

With so much disparity, what blanket statements can be made about virtually all snowmobile clubs?

1)   All snowmobile clubs feature like-minded people who share a love of snowmobiling. Humans are likely to have differences of opinions on virtually any topic – from politics and religion to Coke vs. Pepsi. But there’s one thing that unites snowmobile club members, and it’s the same reason you’re reading this magazine: a passion for snowmobiling.

2)   Virtually all snowmobile clubs want and need new members. New members bring new ideas and fresh energy into a club on a variety of topics – whether it’s the routing of trails, where to take future trips or other things with which the club deals.

3)   All snowmobile clubs have members with varying levels of commitment. The typical club has a smaller core group that does most of the work and organizes the meetings, etc.; a middle group that helps here or there; and a passive group of members who pay their dues and can be counted as members. All of these people are important – a club needs “doers” who have the time and level of commitment to make stuff happen, but clubs also need numbers. Maybe you’re in a place in life – due to family commitments or other responsibilities – where you can’t be the most active member; join anyway.

4)   All snowmobile clubs are important to the future of the sport. Clubs that secure land leases, plot paths, brush and clear the trails and then groom and manage them during the winter are obviously very important to the snowmobile trail network today, but other clubs can also be vital because they add to the political clout and economic impact that gives the snowmobiling community power.

5)   Snowmobile club members know how to have fun. If done in partnership, even work projects like building bridges, pounding trail markers into the ground or hosting a landowners appreciate dinner can be a lot of fun, not to mention the club trips and other in-season social affairs. 

6)   Most snowmobile clubs are integrated into their greater community. In many areas, snowmobile clubs participate in community festivals, fundraisers, charitable events and more. A good club knows how to make itself visible, friendly and approachable year-around.

7)   Snowmobile clubs are the envy of most other social groups. Whether it’s by the ATV/UTV crowd, mountain bikers or even local Elks or Lions, snowmobiling’s grass roots network is often cited as the shining example of members who create and care for their infrastructure and join together to create political clout that is the ultimate goal for other groups.

8)   Snowmobile clubs create communities. Whether they hold monthly meetings or just in-season gathering, host organized club rides or participate in Memorial Day parades and Labor Day picnics, snowmobile clubs get people together, create bonds and, most often, lifelong friends. It’s not uncommon for club members to go golfing, camping or motorcycling together, and often it’s the folks in their snowmobile club that are the first to offer a helping hand in a time of need.      


Does this sound like the sort of people that you’d like to hang out with? Hopefully it does! If so, it’s time that you found a club in your region, in the region where you like to ride – or both.

Below is a list of forward-thinking snowmobile clubs in various states that are specifically reaching out to you and other riders, rolling out the proverbial red carpet to welcome in new riders, and it’s these true advocates of the sport that are bringing you this message. Whether you join one of their clubs or find one closer to where you ride, these clubs realize that the future of trails and riding areas depends on the continued success of snowmobiling’s grassroots network.


IL Association of Snowmobile Clubs Inc.
Marseilles, IL

Cedarville Snow Travelers
Cedarville, IL
Cedarville Snowtravelers on Facebook

Prairie Drifters
Galesburg, IL
Prairie Drifters Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Hampshire White Riders Snowmobile Club
Hampshire, IL

Riverbend Benders Snowmobile Club
Island Lake, IL

Cornbelt Driftbusters
Orion, IL


Indiana Snowmobile Association


Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association
Brooklyn Park, MN

Andover Sno Dragons
Andover, MN

Baxter Snowmobile Club
Baxter, MN
Baxter Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Belle Plaine Borough Riders
Belle Plaine, MN
Belle Plaine Borough Riders on Facebook

North Country Snowmobile Club
Bemidji, MN

Crow Wing County Snowmobile Trails Association
Brainerd, MN

Byron Snow Bears Inc.
Byron, MN

Chaska Sno-Hawks
Chaska, MN
Chaska Sno-Hawks on Facebook

Snow Thrashers of Dalton
Dalton, MN
Dalton Snow Thrashers on Facebook

Pequaywan Area Trailblazers Inc.
Duluth, MN
Pequaywan Area Trailblazers on Facebook

Eden Prairie Snowdrifters
Eden Prairie, MN
Eden Prairie Snowdrifters on Facebook

Blizzard Snowmobile Club
Fairmont, MN

Faribo Sno-Go Club
Faribault, MN

Low Plains Drifters Snowmobile Club
Grant, Douglas, Traverse and Wilkin Counties, MN
Low-Plains-Drifters on Facebook

Hamel Sno Runners
Hamel, MN
Hamel Sno-Runners on Facebook

North West Trails Association
Hennepin County, MN

Intl Voyageurs Snowmobile Club
International Falls, MN

Inver Grove Heights Snowmobile Club
Inver Grove Heights, MN
Inver Grove Heights Snowmobile Club on Facebook

La Crescent Snowmobile Club
La Crescent, MN
La Crescent Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Lincoln Lakes Area Snowmobile Club
Lincoln/Motley, MN

Loretto Sno-Birds
Loretto, MN
Loretto SnoBirds on Facebook

Maple Plain Snomads
Maple Plain, MN

Marcell Snowdrifters
Marcell, MN

Westonka Snoblazers
Mound, MN

Lake Runners Trail Association
Pelican Rapids, MN
Lake Runners Trail Association on Facebook

Prior Lake Snowmobile Association
Prior Lake, MN

Country Sno-Riders
Redwood County, MN

Savage Sno-Pacers
Savage, MN
SavageSnoPacers on Facebook

River Valley Trail Blazers
Shakopee, MN

South Tonka Sno-Mobilers
Shorewood, MN

SnoGhosts of Anoka County
St. Francis, MN

Foxtailers Snowmobile Club
St. Michael, MN

Warren Sno-Cat Riders Inc.
Warren, MN
Warren Sno-Cat Riders on Facebook

Carver County Snowrunners
Waconia, MN
Carver County Snowrunners on Facebook


South Dakota Snowmobile Association
Gary, SD

Aberdeen Driftbusters
Aberdeen, SD

Poinsett Pounders
Badger, SD

YETIS (Youth Empowerment Through Involvement in Snowmobiling)
Beresford, SD
South Dakota YETIS on Facebook

Dakota Trailblazers of Clear Lake & Gary
Clear Lake, SD
Dakota Trail Blazers on Facebook

Whetstone Valley Snowmobile Assn.
Milbank, SD
Whetsone Valley Snowmobile Association on Facebook

Town & Country Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club
Oldham, SD
Town & Country Snowdrifters on Facebook

Black Hills Snowmobile Club
Rapid City, SD
Black Hills Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Sioux Falls Sno Trackers
Sioux Falls, SD


AWSC-Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
De Forest, WI

Berlin River Riders
Berlin, WI
Berlin River Riders Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Luck Snowmobile Club
Cumberland, WI
Luck Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Burnett County Snow Trails Association
Danbury, WI
Burnett County Snow Trails Association on Facebook

Cozy Corner Trails, Inc.
Danbury, WI
Cozy Corner Trails, Inc.

Midnight Riders Inc.
Dorchester, WI
Midnight Riders Snowmobile Club/Dorchester Wisconsin on Facebook

EIO SnoRiders
Frederic, WI

Prairie Riders Snowmobile Club
Kenosha, WI

Yellow Thunder Snowmobile Club
Lodi, WI

Lakeshore Snowmobile Club
Manitowoc, WI

SnoBirds Snowmobile Club
Menomonee Falls, WI

Wolff’s Pack Snowmobile Club
Neenah, WI

Suburban Sno-Hawks
New Berlin, WI

Snow Runners LTD
Port Washington, WI

Prentice Bushbenders, Inc.
Prentice, WI
Prentice Bushbenders Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Lake Country Riders Snowmobile Club
Siren, WI
Lake Country Riders Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Spencer Swamp Stompers
Spencer, WI
Spencer Swamp Stompers on Facebook

Lumberjack Memorial Trails
Wabeno, WI

Walworth County Snowmobile Alliance
Walworth County, WI

Bear Point Sno-Cruisers
Wausaukee, WI

Poyganaires Snowmobile and ATV Club
Winneconnie, WI
Poyganaires Snowmobile & ATV Club on Facebook

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