Lynx Expands North American Snowmobile Lineup For 2023

2023 Lynx Snowmobiles
2023 Lynx Snowmobiles

The Lynx snowmobile brand made quite a splash when it landed on North American shores for model year 2022, but already for 2023 two of last year’s three models are being replaced, and a new line of crossover snowmobiles is also crossing the Atlantic.

     New for deep snow riders from Lynx for 2023 is the Lynx Shredder line, featuring many of the items found on 2023 Ski-Doo Summit and Freeride machines (except in Lynx language REV Gen5 is called Radien2) along with from some unique Scandinavian twists. They replace the 2022 Boondocker DS line.

     Also new to North America are two Lynx Xterrain crossovers – a high-performance RE model with either an 850 Rotax two-stroke or the 900 ACE Turbo R option, and the exciting new Xterrain Brutal wide-track blaster. Lynx also brings back its Rave RE for ditch bangers and trail riders. These models all stay in the previous Radien chassis – which is essentially REV Gen4 without ErgoStep side panels to us.

     Each machine will only be available to those who order in the spring. Let’s take a closer look at each of these offerings.

Lynx Shredder

2023 Lynx Shredder RE
2023 Lynx Shredder RE

The new Shredder line from Lynx moves its snowmobiles closer to Ski-Doo’s Summit and Freerides, thanks to a shared new chassis platform, the option of an 850 E-TEC engine with our without a turbocharger, and the removal of the rear snow catcher in favor of a short snow flap. That said, these certainly aren’t carbon copy of the Ski-Doos.

     It starts with what Lynx called the Radien2 platform. Like Ski-Doo’s REV Gen5, it features a slimmed design, with side panels sucked in 3 inches total, narrower running boards and an adjustable brake lever. It also has the four motor mount system, the available high-tech gauge, weight loss and other notable upgrades you can read about here.

     The two Shredder machines keep their previous 36-inch stance vs. some Summit’s 34 incher, and have a unique LED headlight arrangement with more bulbs than on the Ski-Doos to accommodate for the short days of a Scandinavian winter.

     The Shredder RE relies on heavy duty 46mm KYB shocks in the rear suspension – with a three-position clicker on the front arm and more clicker options on the rear. The RE model also has rail reinforcements (channeling the concept behind Ski-Doo’s Freeride). It’s available with a 146- or 154-inch track. The Shredder DS is available with a 154- or 165-inch track without the reinforced rails and 36mm KYB shocks.  

The new PPS2 DS+ skid in either machine is lighter than its predecessor – weight was pulled from the springs and both arms. That, combined with the removal of the snow guard behind the rear axle, strips 7 pounds off the machines. Added to the 13 pounds saved with the Radien2 platform, these new Shredders are 20-plus pounds lighter than the Boondockers they replace with the 850 E-TEC.

     New for Lynx buyers over here is the option to order the sled with the now-180-horsepower 850 Turbo R engine — previously only the N/A engine was available. And don’t forget about that gauge and its mapping functions when tied into your phone.

What’s An Xterrain?

2023 Lynx Xterrain RE snowmobile
2023 Lynx Xterrain RE

The portion of Lynx’s Xterrain lineup that it is bringing to North America is an interesting blend of crossover machines. To folks over here, the Xterrain RE models might best be thought of in the “extreme crossover” class and most similar to a Ski-Doo Backcountry X-RS except with a wide ski stance, different rear suspension, different skis and bigger shocks – or a long Renegade Enduro, of sorts. The Xterrain Brutal, meanwhile, is a powerful utility/powder crossover with a 20-inch wide track and claims of super agility despite its track width.

     Breaking it down, the Xterrain RE can be ordered with either a Rotax 850 two-stroke or 900 ACE Turbo R four-stroke and will spin a 16- by 146- by 2-inch PowderMax track. That track probably has you thinking about off-trail adventures, but its LFS+ dual A-arm front suspension is set at a 42-inch ski stance for more stability on the trail. Lynx officials said “it is tailor-made for high mileage adventures” and is based on the Cain’s Quest cross-country racing efforts.

     In back on the Xterrain RE is the quick-transferring PPS3 rear suspension, and both it and the aforementioned ski suspension use beefy KYB 46 Kashima coated clicker shocks, with exterior adjustment for hi- and low-speed compression as well as rebound.

2023 Lynx Xterrain Brutal 850 E-TEC
2023 Lynx Xterrain Brutal 850 E-TEC

     Like the Lynx models that came across the Atlantic for 2022, the Xterrain RE features ergonomics designed to keep the rider a bit deeper in the cockpit and suspension setup that loves to dangle the skis in the air.

     The Lynx Xterrain Brutal is deemed “virtually unstoppable” by Lynx officials, thanks to its 20- by 154- by 2.4-inch track that gives it mega floatation and grip. Broad skis, beefy bumpers and a stock radiator with fan reiterate the concept that this machine is ready for any challenge in any conditions.

     That said, it uses what Lynx calls the “EasyRide” rear suspension designed to make the sled feel shorter than it is. Its front end has a 39-inch ski stance. To save weight, it does not have a high-low-reverse gearbox like similar utility machines. It comes standard with the 165-horse 850 E-TEC engine.

Lynx Rave Returns  

2023 Lynx Rave RE 850 E-TEC
2023 Lynx Rave RE 850 E-TEC

The Lynx Rave RE returns mostly unchanged for 2023, but there are a few twists in the story. The Rave will come standard with a 16- by 137- by 1.5-inch track with stud-infused lugs. That’s not new. What is new are reinforced rails in the PPS3 skid to better match it’s whip-me, beat-me, make-me-write-bad-checks personality.  

     Returning features include 46mm KYB shocks, the 850 E-TEC engine, and the LFS+ front suspension with a 42.2 inch stance between its deep keel Blade XC+ skis. It does not move to the new Radien2/REV Gen5 chassis for 2023.

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    thank you and good info. Can we get a weight on the 2023 Lynx Xterrain Brutal 850 E-TEC?
    I heard the wet weight is around 700lbs , is that true?




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