Legend Laps Event To Celebrate Oval Racing History

The Derby’s 50th Anniversary in 2013 brought back many legends and their sleds – like Dave Wahl and Dale Loritz pictured above. The event in February is expected to draw many more.

When speaking to long-time fans of snowmobile oval racing, we’ve heard many say thing like, “What I wouldn’t give to see some of the legends and their sleds from the old Sno Pro or Twin Tracke days take to the track again!”

As it turns out, this winter they just might have a chance!

A special new “Legend Laps” event aimed at attracting the legends of oval racing will be held on the famous Eagle River Derby Track in mid-February. The Thursday event – a combined effort between the two big Snowmobile Halls of Fame in the Wisconsin Northwoods, the World Championship Derby Complex in Eagle River and sponsoring dealership Country Cat – will kick off a weekend of events celebrating snowmobile racing’s colorful history.

Here’s the press release announcing the event:  

New Legend Laps Experience Event at Eagle River World Championship Derby Track

Drivers, Collectors and Legendary Sleds to Make Laps on Derby Track as Fundraiser; Sponsored by Country Cat

The World Championship Derby Complex (WCDC) is excited to announce the first-ever “Legend Laps” snowmobile show and exhibition in Eagle River, Wisconsin, on Thursday, February 17, 2022. Sponsored by Country Cat, this live event is for collectors, drivers and racers of oval race sleds to make laps on the legendary Derby oval track in a safe, non-competitive format. The event is a fundraiser for the Snowmobile Hall of Fame (SHOF) in St. Germain, Wisconsin, and the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame (ISHOF) in Eagle River.

For race fans, Legend Laps will showcase many famous drivers along with their iconic original, reproduction and/or collectable race sleds on the famed half-mile World Championship track.

Participating drivers and sled owners will relive the famed ice oval, sleds and glory representing every storied era of snowmobile oval racing – from the leaf-spring beginnings to special-built factory IFS Sno Pro, Twin Trackers, Formula III and more. Drivers, collectors and racers can participate in the event, which will be limited to 40 sleds.

“Many of these drivers and sleds have not seen the ice for over 30 years,” said Craig Marchbank, vice president and race director at WCDC. “This is a great opportunity for the drivers, collectors and fans to be part of an historic event, and to experience the track again, or for the first time. Plus, it’s a fundraiser for both snowmobile halls of fame.”

Greg Marier of the SHOF board said, “Former World Champions and owners of history-making sleds are excited and committed to attend. We have verbal commitments from Hall of Fame racers like Brad Hulings, Doug Hayes and Bobby Donahue. Plus other hall-of-famers have indicated they’re likely to join us. Sponsored by Country Cat, the Derby facility will be open for food, drinks and a chance to meet some of the famous drivers that will be a part of this special race-themed exhibition. Hot seats will be available.”

Legend Laps will kick off a big weekend of snowmobile events, culminating with the SHOF Annual Ride With The Champs and induction ceremony in St. Germain on Saturday, February 19.

More information and registration forms are available on the World Championship Derby Complex website. Participation is limited so reserve your spot early.

Legend Laps is a partnership between the WCDC, SHOF, ISHOF and Country Cat of Sauk Centre, Minnesota. A portion of the proceeds from Legend Laps will help fund each Hall of Fame.

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    How many different Types of Snowmobile Racing are there? I have heard of Oval and Drag Racing and some Long Distance Endurance Racing, How many Laps and Distance is Oval & Drag Racing?


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