SNOWMOBILE TECH TIP: Ever wondered about snowmobile oil mileage?

July 16, 2010
Many snowmobilers figure out their sled’s fuel mileage after a ride, but have you ever wondered how much snowmobile oil a two-stroke sled burns per gallon of fuel? Follow these steps to find out.
With the sled parked on a flat surface, fill the oil and fuel tanks to the bottom of their respective filler necks. Rock the sled back and forth and push down on the rear bumper a few times to purge air from the tanks. Top off if necessary and go for a ride. It doesn’t matter how far you ride, but a longer trip will expose the sled to more conditions and give a better indication of the sled’s fuel/oil ratio.
After your trip, return to the same gas pump and fill the fuel tank; note how much fuel you added. Next use an accurate fluid measuring device like a beaker or Ratio Rite and refill the snowmobile oil tank to the bottom of the filler neck. Record how many ounces you poured in.
Convert the quantity of fuel from gallons to ounces (128 ounces in a gallon). With the two quantities known, calculate the ratio by dividing the oil ounces figure into the number of fuel ounces. If you’re really curious, divide miles traveled by the number ounces to find out snowmobile oil mileage, too.
Oil injection systems are variable, meaning they pump less oil at 4,000 rpm than at wide-open throttle, for example.

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