Snow Hawk 800 H.O. Enduro

The Enduro is powered by the same 800cc Rotax engine in many late-model Ski-Doo MX Zs and Summits. New for 2008, it has the Automatic Temperature and Altitude Carburetor Compensator (ATACC) from Holtzmann Engineering to help keep it dialed in for varied weather and altitude. New double-stage shock valving in the rear suspension provides a smooth ride on trails and bottoming resistance for big bumps and jumps. Also new is a 12-gallon fuel tank for more range. The Enduro is available in black or blue with white and silver-gray graphics.

ENGINE: 799cc two-stroke twin
FRONT SUSPENSION, TRAVEL (in): Paioli inverted fork, 12
REAR SUSPENSION, TRAVEL (in): ADB Expert Extreme, 16
TRACK: 12x136x2.25

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