Ski-Doo offers three all-season Summit packages for 2007. Track lengths vary from 144 to 162 inches.

All Highmark models are in the RT chassis and use the 1000cc Rotax twin engine. These machines lost 15 pounds due to a new 440 MX Zx-style seat, an updated tunnel and new track.

REV-based Adrenaline models are powered by the 600 H.O. SDI or the all-new 151 hp 800R PowerTEK engine. The Summit Fan is powered by the 550 fan engine and gets a new 16-inch-wide track; lugs are 1.75 inches tall.

Preseason buyers had several more options, but some of the special sleds might be available at dealers this fall. The Highmark “X” package has racing features and lightweight components for improved mobility off trail.

Summit “X” sleds are lighter thanks to an upgraded track. The package includes racer handlebars with J-hooks.

The X-RS package offers the look and features of a Summit race sled. Special equipment includes a clear gas tank, steel-braided brake line, polycarbonate hood, titanium suspension springs and special graphics.

Front Suspension: RAS; Shocks/Travel: Motion Control/9 inches; Rear Suspension: SC-136; Shocks/Travel: Motion Control/13 inches; Features: A basic shock package complements this entry-level sled.

Tracks on all Summits are 16 inches wide with 2.25-inch-tall lugs, except for the Summit Fan. Its lugs dig down 1.75 inches. The updated Challenger Lite track is 8 pounds lighter and standard on the Highmark, Highmark “X” and Summit “X” sleds. Track lengths are available as follows:

136 inches: Summit Fan

144 inches: Summit Adrenaline; Summit “X”

151 inches: Summit Adrenaline, Summit Highmark, Summit “X”; Summit Highmark “X,” Summit X-RS

159 inches: Summit “X,” Summit X-RS

162 inches: Summit Highmark, Summit Highmark “X”


Round-slide, 34mm carburetors supply fuel to this 553cc engine.

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