Ski-Doo GSX 800 H.O. Limited

Solo-touring from Ski-Doo comes compliments of the GSX. All models are standard with mirrors, electric start and a comfort-tuned suspension.

Top-of-the-line models, called Limited, include an electric fuel gauge, engine temperature gauge and 600 or 800cc engine options.

Sport models received upgraded shocks for 2007 in addition to a new white/blue color scheme.

The GSX Fan is an economical trail-performance sled powered by a Rotax fan-cooled engine. It’s equipped with the same suspensions as costlier sleds, but has less-expensive shocks.

Ski-Doo’s Legend Trail returns to the early days of snowmobiling through the use of its simple RF chassis and low-maintenance, fuel-injected, 4-TEC V-800 four-stroke engine. Its smooth power is ideal for casual snowmobilers.

The Legend Trail includes plastic skis, electric start, reverse and mirrors. The Touring package adds a 2-Up seat with passenger handles, cargo rack and upgraded rear shock.

Front Suspension: RAS; Shocks/Travel: HPG/9 inches; Rear Suspension: SC-4; Shocks/Travel: HPG (front), HPG VR (rear)/15 inches; Features: The rear torque arm is damped by a Variable Rate shock that automatically compensates as the suspension moves through its arc of travel.

800 H.O. PowerTEK:

Ski-Doo claims this 799cc carbureted engine achieves almost 17 miles per gallon.

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