Polaris sport machines come in three distinct flavors: kid, hot-shot and old reliable.
The 120 returns unchanged from 2006, with the exception of the graphics package. This is the only pint-sized machine to come standard with a flag. Its safety features include a key ignition, an automatic shut-off if the hood is raised, a tether, a kill switch and a rear-axle foot guard. The track measures 10 by 69 by .79 inches.
The SuperSport could go by the name “hotshot,” with its shorty windshield, high handlebars, Pro X2-style seat and handguards. On the convenience side, it has PERC pushbutton reverse and plastic skis. It uses a 15- by 121- by .91-inch Shockwave track.
Old Reliable comes in the form of Polaris’ most stalwart machine, the Indy 500 XC SP. It’s in the EDGE chassis, and offers PERC. It uses a 15- by 121- by .82-inch Lightning track.
Both full-size machines get the new clutch package with the Team Industries LWT secondary clutch.
Front Suspension: EDGE; Shocks/ Travel: Nitrex/10 inches; Rear Suspension: EDGE; Shocks/Travel: Nitrex (front), Nitrex Select (rear)/13.9 inches. Features: The front suspension is trailing arm. The shocks are Polaris’ own brand.
The fan-cooled 550 twin produces 60 hp. It has upgraded NiCaSil cylinders for this year. Emissions have also decreased on this sled while fuel economy has improved.

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