Polaris At 60: Colorado Legend Chris Burandt

Polaris has had many high-profile racing heroes over the years, but in more recent years a new brand of factory supported riders has emerged — the backcountry heroes, like Colorado-based legend Chris Burandt. Burandt was featured in the March 2014 issue of Snow Goer magazine. The article and photos are shown below. 


Chris Burandt


Snowmobiling Tenure:29 years

Current Ride: 2014 800 Pro-RMK 163 with a BoonDocker Turbo kit; Burandt Edition Fox shocks; Arctic FX graphics kit; Camoplast 3-inch track; Skinz low rise seat, front and rear bumpers; Polaris Burandt-approved Tunnel Flyer bag, PowderTrac running boards and windshield; C3 Carbon Fiber gas tank; RSI Burandt Bar

Chris Burandt
Chris Burandt

Favorite Riding Destination: It’s tough to beat the champagne powder of Colorado. After riding all over the world I would have to say my deepest days on a sled have been in my home state.

Preferred Riding:I love technical tree riding. The steeper, thicker and nastier the better! Tip For Western Novice: You have to learn the basics of mountain riding first to enjoy your trip out West, otherwise the terrain can humble you in a hurry.

What Western Newcomers Overlook:The effects of elevation. Being in shape will greatly improve your chances of conquering the steep and deep.

Something I Learned Last Season:No line is impossible. The sleds keep getting better, my imagination for where I can go keeps gets wilder and my excitement for riding each and every day is more inspired.

Dream Riding Partner:I don’t really dream of riding with someone particular on a sled, but I would definitely love to follow Dale Earnhardt Jr. around a couple laps at a NASCAR track.

Preferred Track:I’ve been converted to a 163-inch guy. Because the Pro-RMK can access such steep terrain the 163-inch track holds an edge better and helps to keep the rear end from washing out when the going gets tough.

Off-Season Fun:I have an RZR XP 900 with a BoonDocker Turbo. It’s like my little trophy/rally truck. I also love to go camping in the woods with my family and bow hunting during the month of September.

Lesson Learned:I got run over by one of my clients. Lesson here was even though you know where the gas and brake are, sometimes in that pressure situation you can get the two confused. Good thing I’m built like  Gumby!

burandt action

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