Polaris 600 HO SwitchBack

Of Polaris’ three on-trail/off-trail hybrids, there’s only one major difference: the engines. Buyers can choose their potency-package — 120, 125 and 140 hp — and know that they’re set.

The SwitchBack moved to the IQ chassis last year, and there it remains — but with the standard IQ updates in the front suspension and the Team Industries LWT secondary clutch.

It did get a chassis change, though, that resulted in a 3-inch decrease in overall length. The tracks are 144 inches long — enough to perform and float off-trail, but with a turning radius equal to a 121-inch IQ sled, Polaris said. Lugs are 1.25 inches.

The SwitchBacks keep the seven-position Rider Select adjustable steering, and wide, hooked handlebars. The seat is removable.

Two of the three have larger fuel tanks. The 600 HO holds 10.8 gallons; the 600 HO CFI holds 11.7 gallons; and the FST holds 10.2 gallons.

Front Suspension: IQ; Shocks/Travel: Fox HPG IFP/10 inches; Rear Suspension: IQ; Shocks/Travel: Fox HPG IFP (front), Fox HPG IFP Compression Adjustable (rear)/16.5 inches; Features: The spindle mounts farther back on the ski for reduced steering effort. The rear suspension is a dual-purpose rail design that tips behind the rear torque arm for a shorter wheel base.

Liberty 600 HO:

The 600 HO may be a junior engine in this segment, but 120 hp is not small output. New for 2006, the engine has a new cylinder head. There are ample aftermarket products available to modify this engine.

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