The LX machines are the machines formerly known as “Classics.” The styling spreads across two distinct body types: the newer IQ and its EDGE predecessor.
The new entry to the lineup is the 600 HO IQ LX CleanFire. It’s a mouthful to say, and it has the features to match. Its engine is the highlight, and it’s built into a solid suspension package. Other special perks on this machine are the Phantom brake, Polaris’ new IQ ski, a digital gauge package and Rider Select steering.
The FST IQ LX returns for a second year with the main changes in the clutch (now a P-85 drive and Team Industries LWT driven), greater fuel capacity (10.2 gallons), a revised front suspension and the IQ seat.
Both IQ machines have a longer-than-average Hacksaw track at 128 inches. The lug height is 1 inch.
The fan-cooled models are in the EDGE chassis. The primary difference is engine displacement — there’s a 24 hp difference between the two. Each machine has the PERC push-button reverse and electric start is standard. Fuel capacity is 11.8 gallons. Both machines use a Lightning track with dimensions of 15 by 121 inches with a .66-inch lug.
These machines could be noted for what they don’t have: mirrors. They’re part of an accessories package for the two upper-end models, which also includes a windshield bag, a taller windshield and semi-rigid saddlebags.

Front Suspension: EDGE; Shocks/Travel: Nitrex/10 inches; Rear Suspension: EDGE; Shocks/Travel: Nitrex (front), Nitrex Select (rear)/13.9 inches; Features: This trailing arm front suspension uses Polaris’ own Nitrex shocks.
The 339cc fan-cooled engine squeaks out 36 HP. It has twin carbs and digital CDI.

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