The IQ series name gives Polaris a re-start on the Fusion concept. It ousted the Fusion nameplate and hopes the baggage called “Warranty Issues” is gone as well.

Polaris has four models in this segment: the 600 HO IQ, the 600 HO IQ CFI, the FST IQ and the spring-only Dragon.

Other than the engines, the 600s and Dragon share several features. All come in the IQ chassis. All but the FST come with longer, fixed-position hooked handlebars; the FST retains the Rider Select adjustable bars. The machines use Polaris’ P-85 drive clutch and the Team Industries LWT driven. All have PERC push-button reverse.

The 600 HO is the most basic of the four, but marginally. Other than engine differences, it strays from the other machines with its mechanical fuel gauge and 10.8-gallon gas tank. The others have all-digital gauges with a 10.2-gallon tank on the FST and an 11.7-gallon tank on the 600 CFI.

The Dragon has the highest performance of the lot with a top-of-the-line suspension package. Its graphics differ significantly from the other models, and it uses a racing-style seat.


Front Suspension: IQ; Shocks/Travel: Ryde FX, HPG, IFP/10 inches; Rear Suspension: IQ; Shocks/Travel: Ryde FX, HPG, IFP (front), Fox PS5 (rear)/13.9 inches; Features: The spindle mounts farther back on the ski for 2007 for reduced steering effort and quicker turning. The FST uses a 1.25-inch lug Camoplast Rip Saw track; the 600s use a 1-inch-lug Shockwave track.

Liberty 600 HO

This twin-cylinder, 599cc two-stroke produces 120 hp. It features digital CDI, a throttle position sensor, a water temperature sensor, Detonation Elimination Technology (DET) and variable exhaust. Its update for 2007 includes a new cylinder head.

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