Last season I tried a set of 8-inch Bergstrom Triple Point Carbide Runners on my Ski-Doo Grand Touring. This carbide runner really is different than traditional wear bars.

The Bergstrom Triple Point host bar carries three sets of 60-degree carbide set parallel to each other. One set is straight down the keel of the host bar in normal configuration. The two side sets are located at about 30 degrees around the bar from the centerline in each direction so that they point a bit off to the side when the ski is pointed straight ahead. But when the ski rolls to one side as it pivots through a turn, one of the side sections of carbide will be more or less pointing downward in the turn to help the sled to carve the corner better.

A side benefit of this unique design is improved lateral support in straight-ahead running that should help reduce darting on packed snow.

Installation was easy with excellent bar and bolt fit. I installed the Bergstroms on the inside as directed and the stock carbides on the outside of each ski. After more than 800 miles that included some thinly covered paved roads, way too many paved road crossings and parking lots to remember and some really nasty heavy gravel clawing at the bars through skimpy snow, I was amazed at how well the Triple Point runners held up.

I didn’t lose any carbide sections despite the very considerable abuse that I threw at them. And although the center sections were predictably rounded, the outers remained quite sharp and it looks like these bars are good for many more hard miles. The usual rust developed, but the bars were otherwise in excellent condition.

Steering effort didn’t change any with Triple Point carbides, and cornering did seem slightly better in tight, slow turns on ice and hard pack. This sled does not dart so I can’t comment on that, but I suspect that installing Triple Point carbides could produce significant improvement on some single runner skis.

Available with 4, 6 or 8 inches of carbide, Bergstrom Triple Point carbides retail for $120 to $200. They are available from dealers and from Bergstrom.

Triple Point Carbides

Wear 2/2

Traction 1.9/2

Installation 2/2

Appearance 1.8/2

Value 1.5/2

Total 9.2/10

Bergstrom Skegs

Rockford, Ill.



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    What would be the best Skege for my 2022
    Ski doo 900 turbo renegade 6in or 8in and what would I put on the outside of the ski
    Stock skege or another bergstom ?


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