Arctic Cat Panther 660 Trail

Solo touring riders have the F-Series LXR models if they want two-stroke power, and the T660 Turbo, T660 Turbo LE and Panther 660 Trail fill the four-stroke segment.

Both the machines with “turbo” as part of the moniker use the turbocharged C Tech 4 engine, which is a 660cc triple. It’s quiet, efficient and free of vibration. The Panther uses the same C Tech 4 engine, but without the turbo hardware.

The engines of all three models are fastened into the ZR chassis. While the chassis is the oldest in the Cat model lineup, many afficianados believe the ZR chassis is Arctic Cat’s best. It has the AWS V front suspension and the FasTrack Long Travel in the rear.

The Turbo Touring LE has all the bells and whistles. The Cat Comm system allows drivers to communicate helmet-to-helmet with drivers of other machines that have the system, and it is also compatible with other plug-in devices. There is a heated seat with a low, medium and high setting and remote electric start.

The standard Turbo Touring is without all the electronic options, but it has such touring basics as mirrors, electric start, reverse, an electric accessory outlet and a tall windshield.

The Panther has 40th anniversary graphics and chrome accents to commemorate the 1967 Arctic Cat Panther, a monumental machine. It’s complete with a leopard-print seat.

Panther 660 Trail

Front Suspension: AWS V; Shocks/Travel: Ryde FX/10 inches; Rear Suspension: FasTrack Long Travel; Shocks/Travel: Ryde FX/12 inches; Features: The Panther 660 has Ryde FX shocks in the rear skid. It, too, has Cat’s the Torque Sensing Link rear arm.

C Tech 4 660

The four-stroke triple makes 53 hp smoothly and quietly with wet sump lubrication.

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