The Jaguar Z1 is a new performance four-stroke from Arctic Cat. The company’s engineers claim they tried every engine Suzuki makes and didn’t find one with the right criteria, so they spec’d their own and Suzuki delivered. The engine is a 1056cc four-stroke parallel twin with dry sump lubrication and 48mm throttle bodies. A new four-tower clutch is used to make the most of the engine’s 125 hp.

The engine was designed so it could sit low in the Jaguar’s Twin Spar chassis. Rather than welded, the majority of the chassis fastens together with self-piercing rivets. Cat claims rigidity is improved by 46 percent over the previous F-Series chassis.

The machine has comfort features similar to the LXR two-stroke models. This includes an adjustable seat, an adjustable handlebar, five-position adjustable windshield and a large trunk. To make the machine even better equipped for touring, it comes with a 12-volt accessory outlet. Mirrors, a 2-Up seat and 2-way radio communication are options for the Jaguar. Cat’s new push-button reverse system is standard on its Arctic Diamond Drive system, too.


Front Suspension: AWS VII; Shocks/Travel: ACT IFP gas/9.5 inches; Rear Suspension: Slide Action; Shocks/Travel: ACT IFP gas/13.5; Features: The front suspension uses a boxed lower A-arm design and a forged spindle and shock tower for strength and rigidity. The Slide Action rear was race developed and helps to keep skis on the ground and the rear skid from collapsing under acceleration.


The 1056cc parallel twin’s pistons rise and fall together but the cylinders fire alternately, giving the engine a power stroke every 360 degrees of crankshaft rotation. The fuel injection is handled with dual 48mm throttle bodies, and the engine gets spark from a full transistor and coil system. Cat says this engine is its cleanest ever in terms of emissions. A stainless steel exhaust system takes care of the spent gasses. The engine has an anti-engine braking control feature.

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