2010 snowmobile season riding photos

This handsome 1980 Yamaha Exciter was my mount for a fabulous trail ride this winter.May 17, 2010

Red carpet runways. Five-star hotels. Stunning swimsuit models throwing themselves at me. Fabulous snowmobile trips. That’s how some people think my life is as a snowmobile magazine guy. Well, one out of four ain’t bad!

Check out photos from some of my snowmobile excursions this past winter. You can see them here on blog.snowgoer.com, our new blog page.

My essay includes pictures from a crazy vintage ride with a group of vintage snowmobile enthusiasts and an off-trail adventure in The Snowy Mountain Range of southern Wyoming.

Other highlights from this winter include my snowmobile club’s trip to Cook, Minnesota, a trailside hot dog roast and a soggy ride near Twin Lakes, Mich. Enjoy!

— Andy Swanson, Snow Goer managing editor

P.s. Go to this link to send us photos from your snowmobile trips and we might publish them in Snow Goer magazine!

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