Celebrating U.P. Snowmobiling In Great Escapes

Snow Goer Great Escapes Fall 2020

When folks across the country think of the state of Michigan, they more than likely envision the big auto-making factories, some of the challenges faced by Detroit and Flint, famous Motown music, and/or possibly the Wolverines, Spartans, Tigers, Lions, Red Wings and Pistons sports teams.

When snowmobilers think of Michigan, however, they think about great riding. And while lower Michigan certainly has many great destinations, the most hardcore of snowmobilers think about the Upper Peninsula. To celebrate the glory that is U.P. snowmobiling, we have dedicated an entire issue of our Snow Goer Great Escapes digital magazine to that very topic – and you can see the issue in entirety for free using this link.

Michigan’s U.P. is far from everywhere – and that’s part of its charm. The oddly shaped, elongated spear of land that keeps lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron away from one another is delightfully rugged, mostly unsettled and generally hard to get to. Mix in a somewhat harsh climate and it sounds like something most people would want to avoid.

But we’re not like most people!

The seemingly infinite trails and select areas that allow off-trail exploration in the U.P. is a huge winter draw to snowmobilers from throughout the Upper Midwest, and far beyond. Off the top of my head, I can think of people I’ve personally snowmobiled with in the U.P. from as far away as Georgia, North Carolina, California, Virginia and Idaho, and I’ve met snowmobilers up there from Texas, South Carolina, Arizona and Alabama.

Yeah, it really is that good.

This special edition of Great Escapes is all about snowmobiling in the U.P. It includes two detailed guides that geographically split the U.P. into sections and highlight great snowmobiling in each area. Also included is the story of our snowmobiling adventure from Eagle River, Wisconsin, to Copper Harbor, Michigan, and back. It was a Snow Goer Great Escape Tour – and its existence led to our digital touring magazine being called Great Escapes.

We’re convinced that after reading these stories, you’ll be charged up for your next snowmobiling adventure. Maybe we’ll see you out there!

EDITORS NOTE 1: Great Escapes combines riding destination stories from past issue of Snow Goer in an easy to read format with big images and useful information. Find other issues of Snow Goer Great Escapes by using this link.

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