Alaska Snowmobiling Photos

Snow Goer recently spent five days snowmobiling in Alaska. While it seems like we covered a lot of ground over those days riding across The Last Frontier, looking at a map proves that we only scratched the surface. Alaska is a BIG state.

We rode in the Petersville area, which is about 125 miles north of Anchorage, and experienced huge rivers, seemingly endless swamps and lots of snow — one lodge host claimed 36 feet of snow had fallen so far! Alaska is a wild state where we saw a handful of moose and wolves. One wolf scampered across a river about 300 yards in front of our group of 12 riders that day, the other wolf was dead — nothing but a pile of fur.

This trip was hosted by Decker Sno-Venture Tours who booked the rooms at the lodges, rounded up the snowmachines — as they’re called in Alaska — transported our luggage in a sleigh from lodge to lodge and generally handled the logistics. It was an exciting trip filled with amazing scenery and great camaraderie with people who are passionate about the sport of snowmobiling. Look for a feature story in an issue of Snow Goer magazine this fall, but for now, please enjoy some of the photos from our adventure.

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    Looking forward to fishing with you this summer. Doug and Donna


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