Taiga’s Supply Chain, Cash Crunches But Hope For Future

Taiga Nomad snowmobile
Taiga Nomad snowmobile

A Toronto-based financial publication recently deployed a deep dive into the Taiga Motor Corp. brand, covering the steep challenges and remaining hopes faced by the company as it tries to bring its electric snowmobiles and personal watercraft to market.

The lengthy story by the Financial Post paints Taiga in a mostly positive and hopeful light, but at the same time offers a sober look at the challenges the company faces. While it’s behind a subscriber paywall on the Financial Post website, the story made it out to the wire services and thus can be read in its entirety in multiple locations, including on Yahoo Finance, where we caught it. It went live there at 5 a.m. this morning.

There are a few snowmobile industry numbers in there that we’d question. But, overall, reporter Marisa Coulton did a fine job laying out the Taiga situation from multiple angles, from financial constraints to unique challenges through the COVID and supply chain era to new competition from BRP. That company unveiled its Ski-Doo Grand Touring Electric in February. Kudos to Coulton for her reporting, use of multiple sources and approach. The story really is a must read for anybody who has following the Taiga story at any level. We’ll get out of the way and suggest you go read it for yourself.

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