Polaris 600 HO IQ LX CFI

The LX machines are the machines formerly known as “Classics.” The styling spreads across two distinct body types: the newer IQ and its EDGE predecessor.

The new entry to the lineup is the Polaris 600 HO IQ LX CleanFire. It’s a mouthful to say, and it has the features to match. Its engine is the highlight, and it’s built into a solid suspension package. Other special perks on this machine are the Phantom brake, Polaris’ new IQ ski, a digital gauge package and Rider Select steering.

The FST IQ LX returns for a second year with the main changes in the clutch (now a P-85 drive and Team Industries LWT driven), greater fuel capacity (10.2 gallons), a revised front suspension and the IQ seat.

Both IQ machines have a longer-than-average Hacksaw track at 128 inches. The lug height is 1 inch.

The fan-cooled models are in the EDGE chassis. The primary difference is engine displacement — there’s a 24 hp difference between the two. Each machine has the PERC push-button reverse and electric start is standard. Fuel capacity is 11.8 gallons. Both machines use a Lightning track with dimensions of 15 by 121 inches with a .66-inch lug.

These machines could be noted for what they don’t have: mirrors. They’re part of an accessories package for the two upper-end models, which also includes a windshield bag, a taller windshield and semi-rigid saddlebags.

Front Suspension: IQ IFS; Shocks/Travel: Ryde FX/10 inches; Rear Suspension: FAST M-10; Shocks/Travel: Ryde FX (front), Fox HPG IFP (rear)/13 inches; Features: The front suspension uses the upgraded IQ IFS that mounts the spindle farther back on the ski for reduced steering effort and quicker turning. The track is longer (128 inches) for improved bump handling.

600 HO CFI:

The new kid on the engine block uses Polaris’ CleanFire technology for greater efficiency. It produces 125 HP at 8250 peak RPM. Features include variable exhaust, a new airbox design, digital CDI, a water temp sensor and Detonation Elimination Technology.

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