How To Stud For Best Traction

Whether you ride at the pace of a cross-country racer or your speedometer’s needle rarely clicks past the 40 mph mark, every trail rider should consider adding studs to their sled.

Some snowmobilers think studs are only for hot dogs — guys who ride hard. Picks certainly enable sledders to travel faster, but most importantly the studs help keep a sled in control and, therein, make snowmobiling safer. If not for studs, an icy corner could cause a rider to lose control and flip his machine.

Your sled and riding style must be considered when assembling a traction setup. Those factors affect choices such as stud quantity, length, pattern and even the longevity of the traction products.

Install The Correct Amount Of Studs, Install Them Correctly

Assembling a good traction setup starts with…

To download the rest of the article, please visit our Digital Downloads page and scroll to “Stud Your Sled for the Best Hook-Up” or click on the image to the left. There are many studs and studding options for snowmobilers. Make your new snowmobile traction setup effective for your needs with this article about snowmobile studs. The story includes advice on stud quantity, stud type, stud pattern and maintenance tips to help make snowmobile traction products more durable and last longer. It also includes tips by traction company experts from Woody’s, Stud Boy and Fast-Trac.


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    I did not realize that studs help to enable faster travel as well as keeping a sled under control. Snowmobiling is something that I want to get into this year, and I want to make sure I do it right. Going fast and safe sounds like the best way to do it, so I think I’ll look into getting a snowmobile stud.


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